Smart Recycling

Smart Recycling

A highly successful year for Smart Recycling

Smart Recycling has developed a smart recycling system that measures the contents of kerbside containers and forecasts when it is time to empty them. In this way, collection routes can be optimised and environmental impact and costs can be reduced. Smart Recycling is owned by the companies BnearIT in Luleå and Electrotech in Kalix.

The Smart Recycling system consists of sensors that measure the contents of the containers using ultrasonic technology, which is then transmitted via GPRS to a cloud-based platform that uses AI technology to predict emptying times. Smart Recycling’s system will be used in Swedish Glass Recycling’s containers from Smygehuk in the south up to Karesuando in the north. Norrlandsfonden has been involved in the financing of the deal.

“Because we sell the service as a monthly subscription, each order is capital-intensive in the start-up phase. That’s why our financiers, including Norrlandsfonden, are extremely important for us and our expansion” says Anders Hermanson, CEO of Smart Recycling.

Smart Recycling’s journey really took off when the company signed a contract with Svensk Glasåtervinning, one of the world’s most prominent companies when it comes to recycled glass.

“The contract with Svensk Glasåtervinning means a lot to us. Now we’re hiring a team to take the business forward.”

“Our areas of special focus in the coming period are Sweden, Norway and Germany. We feel positive about the future. I believe that the company has a chance to increase turnover more than tenfold within five years” concludes Anders Hermanson.  

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Business analyst

Erik Nyström 070-572 22 53 [email protected]

Market area

Piteå, Luleå, Kalix and Haparanda.

Favourite place in Norrland

At home on Brändön, close to nature, to the sea and outdoor activities. It creates a special sense of freedom.

Why do you believe in the client?

Digitising recycling containers to streamline emptying and thus reduce journeys and environmental impact creates a major benefit for users and society at large. There is a huge market potential.

How do you see the company's future?

Smart Recycling's business concept is timely and the need for their services is great in Sweden but also globally. The system can also be applied to other areas, which creates good growth opportunities.

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