Norrlandsfonden’s impact is mainly indirect, through lending to companies and through investments. Norrlandsfonden’s mission involves long-term responsibility that contributes to development and growth in Norrland. Norrlandsfonden is driven by the conviction that sustainability affects the competitiveness and long-term survival prospects of a company. Norrlandsfonden has an impact on society’s sustainable development. By taking economic, social and environmental responsibility, the organisation will work to be an actor that contributes actively to the development of Norrland as a sustainable growth region.

The core values of Sustainability, Competence and Commitment that Norrlandsfonden’s corporate culture is defined by shall inform how we act as a business partner, employer and investor.

The board has decided to prioritise three strategic areas where Norrlandsfonden can make the most difference: Ambition for sustainability in lending, co-worker competence and sustainable investments.

Sustainability in lending

Norrlandsfonden’s primary impact on sustainability is via lending. Sustainable and sound lending requires responsibility and a long-term approach.

Co-worker competence

Norrlandsfonden’s co-workers are its most important asset. Norrlandsfonden’s ambition is to be a progress-oriented, fair and equal workplace that creates committed co-workers.

Sustainable investments

Norrlandsfonden’s surplus liquidity, the capital that is not lent to customers, is invested in interest-bearing securities and in shares. Norrlandsfonden, which aims to lead by example and make responsible investments, has an indirect impact on sustainability through its investments.


Sustainability is a global issue and in 2015 the UN adopted Agenda 2030, 17 global sustainable development goals, to which we are all committed. The goals aim to achieve economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development by eradicating poverty and hunger and realising human rights for all. Norrlandsfonden is affected by several of the global sustainability goals. The Board has selected three of the goals in Agenda 2030 where Norrlandsfonden has the greatest opportunity to influence and where there are clear links to Norrlandsfonden’s mission. With these selected objectives, Norrlandsfonden has the opportunity to contribute both through its own organisation and through its business relationships. The selected objectives are Objective 5, Objective 8 and Objective 9. In addition to the selected objectives, Norrlandsfonden also has a responsibility to contribute to the other objectives.

Objective 5: Gender equality – Work towards achieving gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls.

For Norrlandsfonden, this means promoting gender equality from an internal and external perspective. Internally, this means striving for a gender-equal organisation.

Externally, this involves promoting lending to female-owned and managed businesses, inspiring and promoting venues for women business owners and managers, and venues for women in the financial sector. Norrlandsfonden collaborates here with other organisations.

Objective 8: Decent work and economic growth – Promote inclusive and sustainable growth, full employment with decent work for all.

As an employer, Norrlandsfonden shall promote a safe and secure working environment for its employees and offer good conditions of employment.
Norrlandsfonden contributes to sustainable economic growth by helping to develop Norrland into a sustainable growth region by providing market-complementary financing.

Through market-complementary financing, Norrlandsfonden contributes to several positive outcomes for society. This provides good conditions for businesses and entrepreneurs in Norrland and promotes economic growth and development, which is included in Objective 9.

By striving for long-term financial stability in its own operations, Norrlandsfonden promotes stable and long-term financing opportunities that contribute to a good investment climate in Norrland.

Objective 9: Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure – Work to build resilient infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.

Norrlandsfonden contributes to building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and fostering innovation in Norrland by providing market-complementary financing. Funding is often put toward new products and services that have a positive impact on various aspects of sustainability.

Cooperation and collaboration with other business-supporting organisations in relation to business development and product development are further examples of how Norrlandsfonden contributes to achieving this objective.