We have extensive experience in evaluating business concepts and operations in various industries. As a small, independent organisation we can make quick decisions and ensure that the money is there right when it’s needed. If the conditions are not right, we will give you a clear indication of what is needed to move forward.

When you apply for a loan, you’ll be in direct contact with a business analyst who has extensive experience with companies in different sectors and at different stages of development. They then do an analysis of the company, the business concept, the product or service and the market, as well as the company’s financial status and potential. Throughout the process, there is a continuous dialogue between the parties. After payment, regular follow-ups are also made to see how your business is progressing.

Success for Norrland


Flexible and market-adapted loans

Norrlandsfonden finances everything from new business start-ups to the development and expansion of existing companies. Our top-up loans are tailored to the emerging demands in the market. A current example are loans for generational change, where we provide capital so that Norrland’s businesses can continue under new ownership. We offer loans that are flexible and market-adapted.

Can you borrow from us?

Our clients are companies in Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland or Gävleborg with growth ambitions. They can be found in almost every sector, from manufacturing and hospitality to IT and biotechnology. We are particularly interested in companies that invest in sustainable solutions, new technologies and in new business areas with good growth opportunities. A strong business concept and confidence in the owners and management are fundamental to our financial participation.