Haldor’s educational tool praised by its users and by Microsoft 

Haldor’s educational tools simplify administration for teachers so that they have more time for their students. The company is praised by users as well as world-leading partner Microsoft, who often enthusiastically highlights its partnership with Haldor. 

The idea for Haldor was born when one of the owners was working at a school in Stockholm. He saw that there was a pressing need for user-friendly digital tools to simplify administration for teachers. 

“Teachers were communicating with students via Facebook instead of using the existing platform, which was perceived as cumbersome. We saw that we could stand out by creating tools tailored to the everyday lives of teachers and students and not primarily aimed at administrators” says Sara Zetterberg, CEO of Haldor. 

Since its inception, Haldor’s tools have been integrated with Microsoft Office 365. One milestone was when Microsoft released the Teams for Education platform. 

“We immediately understood that this was the future of the school. Thanks to Norrlandsfonden’s belief in us, we were able to integrate our tools with the platform quickly after its release. The fact that we were able to act immediately gave us an advantage over our competitors.” 

Today, Haldor offers a number of user-friendly educational tools built on Microsoft Office 365 and Teams for Education. In Älvdalen municipality, for example, the implementation of the tools has been an important part of getting students to reach learning targets. 

“Since the school started using our tools, the number of students achieving the learning requirements has increased by almost 25%. In particular, communication between teachers, pupils and parents has been simplified.” 

Haldor currently has customers in 13 countries and continues to expand and find new markets.

“The future looks bright. At the turn of the year we expanded our sales department with an additional salesperson who came from Microsoft and is now based in Stockholm. It’s bubbling everywhere right now.” 

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Business analyst

Per-Erik Persson 070-382 82 71 [email protected]

Market area

Sundsvall/Timrå, Nordanstig and Härjedalen.

Favourite place in Norrland

"Örahålet", a very small woodland lake in the middle of the forest 3 miles west of Sundsvall.

Why do you believe in the client?

Haldor has a scalable business model with a market that spans the globe. The partnership with world-leader Microsoft, which has both celebrated and taken Haldor under its wing, is another strength. The company's CEO, Sara Zetterberg, has steered the company forward wisely since its inception.

How do you see the company's future?

To me, the future looks good. The company already has customers around the world and is close to a market breakthrough. Haldor will continue to grow in the long term.

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