Envigas is helping the metallurgical industry transform

The metallurgical industry is one of the world’s biggest emitters, but is now actively working to reduce its climate impact. Envigas in Skellefteå produces biochar, which will play a central role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The company Envigas produces biochar of the residual waste from the forest industry. When the company’s management started looking at the positive effects of biochar in reducing carbon emissions many years ago, they were ahead of their time. Biochar is now being recognised as one of the most exciting technologies for climate-neutral carbon emissions.

“We knew we would get there but we didn’t think it would happen this quickly. Now there is huge demand for biochar from the big companies, but that was not the case when we started” says Kurt Sjöblom, Chairman of the Board of Envigas. 

Envigas has developed a cost-effective industrial process for the production of biochar by transforming forestry waste. The main feature of biochar as a fuel is that, unlike fossil coal, it does not add new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. All metallurgical industries use coal in some form during their manufacturing process. The metals industry, which is the focus of Envigas biochar, is one of the world’s largest sources of emissions.

“The metallurgical industry has taken the climate issue seriously and is actively working to transform its operations. The industry has also seen a high demand for fossil-free steel from its customers, not least from the automotive industry as they produce the next generation of cars.” 

Envigas is about to start up its first production plant in Bureå and within a few months it will be operational. It is now looking at more potential locations to set up production facilities. Since the raw material comes from the forest, the production of biochar also contributes to the profitability of the forest industry. Initially, the company is focusing on the Nordic region as a market. 

“We believe that biochar will replace fossil coal completely in the future. We are already getting a good response from the market.” 

Envigas also produces bio-oils and various types of synthetic gas. Norrlandsfonden has been involved as a financier since 2016. 

“Norrlandsfonden is competent and risk-averse in a smart way. We are grateful that they have wanted to join us on this journey. The future looks very exciting.” 

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Business analyst

Per Nilsson 070-668 42 68 [email protected]

Market area

Skellefteå, Norsjö, Malå, Sorsele, Storuman, Boden and Jokkmokk.

Favourite place in Norrland

The Luleå archipelago has many beautiful spots. We have a cottage on the island Småskär, but we also visit several of the surrounding islands.

Why do you believe in the client?

Their offer is timely. The biochar they produce is climate-neutral and can replace fossil carbon. Demand is high, not least from the metals industry, which is working to reduce its carbon footprint. The biochar can also be further developed and converted into graphite, used in battery production which is needed, for example, as the automotive industry is transformed.

How do you see the company's future?

The company will be able to expand in Bureå and also open more facilities in Sweden next to sawmills with proximity to the raw material. Biochar will be needed in many areas as society moves towards a more sustainable future. Now that the company is up and running, the exciting journey will continue.

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