Another record-breaking summer for Järvsö Downhill Bike Park 

It started as a hobby project that went off the rails in a positive sense. Today, Järvsö Downhill Bike Park has become a year-round operation that has broken visitor records every summer since opening in 2010.

Järvsö Downhill Bike Park’s journey from its inception up until today can only be described as a genuine success story. 

The owners has recently opened a hotel directly adjacent to the lifts with bike rental, workshop and restaurant, which Norrlandsfonden has helped to finance.

“The fact that Norrlandsfonden believed in us has contributed to the fact that we now have a year-round operation and can create more job opportunities in Järvsö. One of our strongest motivations is to do things that help develop the community.”

The idea of starting a bike park was born when Lars was visiting a friend in Whistler, Canada. His friend took Lars to Whistler Mountain Bike Park, where he tried downhill biking for the first time. 

“I immediately wondered why I hadn’t done this before. It was so much fun.” 

A few years later, after much pestering, Lars managed to persuade the owner of Järvsö’s ski slope to let him rent it during the summers. 

“I was impressed with how Whistler Mountain Bike Park made their park accessible to everyone from beginners to pros. We had the same vision for the bike park in Järvsö.” 

In fact, the founders of Whistler Mountain Bike Park have been coming to Järvsö every summer since the beginning to build downhill trails, from the easy green trails to the advanced black trails. 

“One factor in our success is that we have invested in constantly improving our bike park. We are perfectly located, only three hours from Stockholm, easily reached by car or train. Plus we have a totally unique environment that we have used to great effect in Järvsö, both in summer and winter.”

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Business analyst

Johanna Ceder 070-330 20 44 [email protected]

Market area

The municipalities of Hudiksvall, Ljusdal, Bollnäs, Ovanåker, Söderhamn, Gävle, Sandviken, Ockelbo and Hofors.

Favourite place in Norrland

Out in nature on a lovely sunny day with tasty refreshments.

Why do you believe in the client?

The company has contributed to Järvsö's overall strong growth in recent years. With an emphasis on summer biking, one can use the facilities year round and it is becoming an all-season destination. The new hotel will of course make the facility even more attractive.

How do you see the company's future?

The trend of vacationing close to home is increasing and Järvsö is geographically well placed. Easy to get to by train or car and close to the Stockholm area. Interest in health and fitness travel is also growing. We see a very bright future ahead for Järvsö Downhill Bike Park.

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