Olofssons Bageri

Olofssons Bageri

More than 70 years of authentic Norrbotten bread

Olofssons Bageri has been around for 72 years. Today, the company is the third largest employer in Överkalix and sells bread in Sweden and Finland. Now, with the backing of Norrlandsfonden, the company is investing in new machinery and buying the property where the bakery is located. 

“When my father and uncle started the bakery, they baked the bread by hand in a wood-fired bakehouse and delivered it by bicycle directly to the customer. A lot has happened since then” says Bengt-Olof Olofsson, CEO of Olofssons Bageri.

Olofssons Bageri has found its niche with locally produced bakery craft, cream and butter from Norrbotten, spring water from Överkalix and flour from the world’s northernmost mill in Uleåborg. Today the company has a turnover of SEK 30 million and 23 employees. 

“We aim to stand out by offering added value in terms of quality and local production. Our recent investments have been about just that. Now we can offer two new products, stone-baked bread and flatbread, which we are in the process of launching throughout Sweden.” 

Norrlandsfonden has helped finance the acquisition of the property where the bakery is located and the new equipment. 

“The funding from Norrlandsfonden has enabled us to realise our dreams. We now own the business property and can thus operate long-term in Överkalix.” 

In order to secure the skill supply for the future, they train their own staff and have employed several new migrants in this way. 

“It’s been a real win-win. Through our work, the new migrants have been integrated into society and we have gained talented and loyal co-workers. If we can help with integration, we’re happy to do so and it’s worked out great.” 

The future looks bright for Olofssons Bageri, which is growing steadily and benefiting from an increased interest in locally produced food.

“We continue to develop the business and strengthen our position locally while launching some products nationally, such as our flatbread.” 

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Business analyst

Petter Alapää 070-668 42 58 [email protected]

Market area

Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Gällivare, Kiruna, Pajala, Älvsbyn, Överkalix and Övertorneå.

Favourite place in Norrland

My home village of Jierijärvi which is located in Pajala municipality. My parents still live in the village and we have our hunting grounds there. A place where I can really unwind and that will always be home to me even if I haven't lived there in 30 years.

Why do you believe in the client?

Olofssons Bageri is a strong brand that has been around for a long time. A family business that has found its niche in genuine and locally produced bakery craft with great flavours and natural ingredients.

How do you see the company's future?

The company has a solid foundation to stand on and is now striding out, looking at new markets and products. This is a company that has always found new ways forward and will continue to do so in the future.

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