Confidence in the future at an all-time high for Inlandsbanan

In recent years, new passenger trains were inaugurated on Inlandsbanan for the first time since 1979. This is an important step into the future and for increasing public transit on the railway.
Inlandsbanan has invested in five new passenger trains and an electric locomotive. One of the passenger trains is now in service and the others are being upgraded to run on routes with longer journey times.

“Thanks to financing from the Norrlandsfonden among others, we are now taking the next step into the future when it comes to passenger transport. The new passenger trains are of great importance to us and create a modern image for Inlandsbanan” says Peter Ekholm, CEO of Inlandsbanan.

“The fact that there is substantial investment in public transport in Norrland creates confidence that people will be able to live and work in this part of the country” says Maria Cederberg, CEO of Inlandståg.

“People have become more aware of trains and know what it means in environmental terms to choose the train. It has become the trendy way to travel, really exploding in the last years” continues Maria Cederberg.

Inlandsbanan was built to carry heavy goods and its topography makes it ideal for this purpose. An upgraded Inlandsbanan would act as a selling point for the whole country.

“Upgrading Inlandsbanan would have many positive effects for Sweden and for both passenger and freight traffic. Moving freight off the main lines, for example, would mean that passenger traffic could be increased” says Maria Cederberg.

Inlandsbanan is a group consisting of the parent company Inlandsbanan and the subsidiaries Destination Inlandsbanan and Inlandståget. Inlandsbanan is owned by 19 municipalities along its route.

“Our mission is to create growth in the country’s interior all the way from Kristinehamn in the south to Gällivare in the north. It is a large and important mission that includes ensuring good connections for commuting, tourism and freight” says Peter Ekholm.

Rail has a significant role in the Swedish transport system and well-functioning rail transport services are a prerequisite to meeting Sweden’s long-term climate goals.
“We work in an industry of the future. I’m meeting more and more customers who want to transfer their freight cargo to rail. If we secure a refurbished track and even more trains, there’s nothing that can stop us” says Maria Cederberg.

“I am very optimistic about the future, not least because I am convinced that the younger generation will place even greater demands on decision-makers to invest in sustainable transport” says Peter Ekholm, CEO of Inlandsbanan.

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Market area

Östersund, Bräcke, Berg and Ånge.

Favourite place in Norrland

There are several but if I had to choose one it would be my childhood home in Ånge, where I live.

Why do you believe in the client?

Interest in climate-smart travel has grown considerably in recent years. With an updated fleet enabling new routes and increased traffic, Inlandsbanan will become even more attractive. Investing in infrastructure that makes it easier for people to travel and for goods to be transported to and from and within Norrland's inland areas obviously increases the attractiveness of this part of the country, which is one of Norrlandsfonden's areas of special focus.

How do you see the company's future?

Rail travel is increasing as we become more environmentally conscious. There is political ambition to invest in Inlandsbanan and a political decision has earmarked SEK 1.8 billion for maintenance up until 2029. Commuting by train is increasing, as is the flow of tourists to this part of the country. Everything points to a very bright future for Inlandsbanan.

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