An opportunity to grow – exclusively for entrepreneurs in northern Sweden

Norrlandsfonden is a foundation tasked with promoting the development of companies with growth ambitions. It serves companies with operations in Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Gävleborg. Our clients can be found in almost every sector, from manufacturing and hospitality to IT and biotechnology. We are particularly interested in companies that invest in new technologies or in new business areas with good growth opportunities.

We offer flexible top-up loans for establishment, development and expansion. With different types of loans, guarantees or sureties, we can tailor and complement the financing on top of the company’s own capital investment and bank financing. Every year we lend around SEK 300 million, which allows for offensive and forward-looking investments and enables companies and people to grow.

Norrlandsfonden is an independent actor, but works closely with banks, venture capital companies, auditors, regions, municipal enterprise companies and other stakeholders who work for a viable and expansive business community in Norrland. We are proud to contribute to the growth and strength of the whole of Norrland.


A common interest in the development of Norrland

Norrlandsfonden is an important partner in the work of developing Norrland, not only through our loans, but also through various associated companies.

Partnerinvest Norr AB

As a minority shareholder, the company will invest in small and medium-sized enterprises in Norrbotten and Västerbotten counties. Investments will be made in partnership with private investors. The company is jointly owned by Norrlandsfonden and Almi Invest AB. The company has capital of SEK 200 million at its disposal, of which the owners have invested a total of SEK 60 million. Other funding for the company comes from EU structural funds and regional co-financing.

Arctic Business

The company will contribute to the development of growth companies in Upper Norrland in connection with Luleå University of Technology by offering expertise and capital. The company is owned by Norrlandsfonden, LTU Holding, Skellefteå industrihus AB, Luleå municipality and Region Norrbotten.


Venture Cup Nord is one of four regional networks dedicated to organising a business plan competition for students and researchers with the aim of piloting ideas into start-ups. Norrlandsfonden participates in Venture Cup with both financial and human resources.

Ung Företagsamhet is a collaborative project that aims to strengthen young people’s entrepreneurship.

The business incubators supported by Norrlandsfonden are Arctic Business (Luleå), Movexum AB (Gävle) and BizMaker (Sundsvall).


With true rock-blasting roots
Norrlandsfonden was set up to promote the development of businesses in Norrland, primarily by financing small and medium-sized enterprises.
1961- 1985
The Fund´s capital was built up over more than two decades through annual contributions from LKAB between 1961 and 1973, and later from the state (1974-1985). It has since been reinforced in two rounds during the 1990s. Today, we have equity of more than SEK 1.4 billion that is managed independently.
The Fund's geographical area of operation was originally the four northernmost counties of Norrland, but was extended in 1996 to include Gävleborg county.
SEK 9 billion
Since Norrlandsfonden was founded in 1961, we have lent around SEK 9 billion.
SEK 33 billion
This has in turn generated investments of over SEK 33 billion in client companies.